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God’s Promises to You is a booklet that one of our members, Gary Vandergriff, has been giving out for decades.  They were originally published by The American Bible Society.  When they went out of print, he was given the rights to print them himself and continue giving them away.  Because of this, they are not for sale.  Please email us your information and we will send you 5 booklets to pass out and use to pray with those around you.  When you run out, let us know and we will send 5 more!  This is the way The American Bible Society did it and we think it worked well.   


While these booklets are printed and given away for free, if it is within your means to support our outreach, we will be able to continue reaching as many people as possible.  We humbly ask for you to prayerfully consider making a donation to further this ministry.


Donations can be made in the form of a check made out to Immanuel Lutheran Church and help to cover the cost of printing.  We thank you for becoming a part of our ministry and helping to keep it thriving!





Address:             Immanuel Lutheran Church

                              1925 Volkman Rd.

                              Evansville, IN 47725

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